By Anonymous - / Friday 24 February 2012 19:18 / United States
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  Morgannnnuhhh  |  1

This guy must suffer from CMD. (chronic masterbation disorder) or just FL. Forever alone.

  SebastianG  |  2

I don't get why this is thumbed up? It's not funny -.-

  ImAnInsomniac  |  3

sorry but this has to be fake the only muscle you use when masturbating, or the second muscle you use lol, is in your hand. squeeze your thumb against your hand and feel the muscle that pops that's how you know which side you masturbate with. the rest is cardio. this fml is bs

  truegirl21  |  2

Really because if so that's so funny!!

  Jewlz1162  |  5

30 lol

By  borkchop1992  |  15

Masturbation causes blindness so you should watch out

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