Today, while being intimate with my future husband, I reached over to stroke his cheek. The light behind him cast a shadow over my chest, and it scared me so much, I screamed then I farted on him. FML

By Dramaqueenfornothing - / Wednesday 27 April 2016 22:32 / South Africa - Cape Town
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Am I the only one wondering which position they're in? She can reach up to his cheek and cast a shadow on herself, but then she can also fart on him. It sounds really healthy for her spine.


Exactly, I mean if it was a first date I'd be pretty embarrassed about something like that, but when you're in a longterm relationship things like farting are pretty normal, they can actually be pretty funny sometimes >< I wouldn't sweat it OP, he's your fiancé and presumably loves you for you, I'm sure he's used to you having bodily functions :p

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