By kaleighf - / Thursday 28 April 2016 01:46 / United States - Hollywood
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By  phantomxbg  |  17

Sorry, tell someone that they keep saying that OP, if the same lie pls keep doing that, it's bullying.

By  embarass  |  14

Hotter. Meaning you're still pretty hot. And that's their opinion, there might be someone in that class who is like "no way, you're the hottest", instead. Don't get down.


Today, the stalker flatmate who has been obsessed with me since I first moved into the flat two years ago, graduated. Apparently he told everyone we are an item, because his parents and relatives were smiling and taking pictures of me from their seats two rows ahead of mine at the ceremony. FML

By Trillian87 - / Friday 28 June 2013 10:28 / United Kingdom - Coventry
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