By failout - / Thursday 5 March 2009 21:36 / United States
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  blankaex  |  0

Correct. EDITED out. Not Photoshopped out. There's more than one photo editing software. I hate idiots who say Photoshopped .


Hey, can you grab me a Band-aid and a Kleenex? I'll be over on the Davenport enjoying a Pop-Tart and a Coke while reading a Xeroxed copy of my favorite novel. And get me some Aspirin, while you're at it. Languages evolve. Better to grow accepting of others' preferred vocabulary than to act a fool. Besides, "Photoshopped" has a more specific meaning than "Editing", regardless of semantics, so the point comes across concisely while still being recognized by the vast majority of people. Don't be a tool.

By  rollingmyeyes  |  0

hm. i want to be sympathetic, but how well can you take care of yourself for them to take such extreme measures to exclude you? you must have been singled out for a reason; use this as a wake up call and try to present yourself in a professional, put together way from now on. on the other hand, that sucks and i'm sorry you were embarrassed in such a way and i wanna give you a hug. :(

By  curious_missy  |  0

or maybe someone on the newspaper staff doesn't like you... I was the editor of a page in my hs, I chose pics to make ppl I didn't like look bad. No one read it either way...lol

By  chromatose  |  0

Were you really "photoshopped out" or were you "cropped out" because there's a pretty big difference? You probably wouldn't be as offended if it were the latter; sometimes pictures just have to be certain dimensions and cropping is often times better than resizing.

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