By Myboyfriendisaromanticslob - / Thursday 10 March 2011 05:09 / Canada
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  fireice22  |  0

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yeah okay what was he suppost to say? "honey i made dinner now clean all this up"? yeah he would get slapped. girls dont have to do everything for you, fat, sexist pig.

  theybebitchin  |  4

she could help. fucking pms. To the OP, so he sets up a romantic dinner, and you just wanna go upstairs and "relax" while he cleans up the dinner HE MADE FOR YOU? Wow, you're a bitch. He deserves better. Albeit, if thats how he cleans up regularly, thats pretty gross. Still, OP, STFU you should have at least HELPED him clean up.

  Jonah171  |  12

Ooh, I am sorry she has a sense of hygiene. Sheesh people are idiots. If someone invited me to dinner then told me to clean up, I wouldn't be pleased. Isn't that normal?

By  nonameheroes  |  0

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By  EmElle88  |  9

How often does he 'wash' them? Because if he does it a bit, surely you would have noticed. And if this is the first time he's done it, you just need to train him better =p

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