By boytoy - / Wednesday 2 September 2009 21:23 / Canada
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By  Jonesy_fml  |  0

Wow why would you wear a shirt like that anyways... YDI. Actually it's pretty awesome that the pic appeared unedited.

  _MLSBIDGAF  |  0

FAKE ! Pictures make your shirt appear backwards. Nice try, bud.

  vitrola  |  0

the best part about this is that your profile picture has you wearing a tee shirt with the word "yale" on it ... and it isn't backwards. thanks for making my day, dumbass. (:

  Akari_fml  |  0

1) Not all schools do picture retakes. In fact, I'd say most don't. 2) Comment #22 was the funniest thing I've seen in my life. 3) The reason his shirt folded over is obviously because he is a fat fuck, not unlike most people who would probably buy a shirt with "analog" written on it. Buy some clothes that fit. Fat fuck.

  melissaferns  |  16

well if someone takes a picture of you no the lettering is still normal, however if the only pics you ever take are selfish in front of a mirror then yes this would be true.

By  ireply_w_lyrics  |  0

"...An angels smile is what you sell You promise me heaven, then put me through hell Chains of love got a hold on me When passions a prison, you cant break free Youre a loaded gun Theres nowhere to run No one can save me The damage is done Shot through the heart And youre to blame You give love a bad name I play my part and you play your game You give love a bad name You give love a bad name..." And that name is Anal


Thank ya guys! so far my only nemesis (the only one who doesnt like me) is Unregistered :P Though im sure everyone else that doesnt is sure to reply to this saying "i dont!"

  SuperMeme  |  0

Well ireply_w_lyrics, at first I thought you were a little bit of a douchebag (read the reply to your comment on the FML posted by MenSuck), but this has clearly made up for it (I swear that's not sarcasm). That was the best comment I've seen all day. Just put something funny at the end of the lyrics from now on.

  fmkittw  |  0

Wow, so am I the only one who thinks ireply_w_lyrics is being annoying. The song you posted on this FML makes no sense except for the last part. Really? For example: I couldve posted "My name is" by Eminem and at the end of the lyrics put the word "anal". The song however is not about that at all just like your song, so I think you're just being annoying. Your comments barely require any creativity or thought. It's getting annoying now. OP that's why you don't wear shirts that have writing on them for a school picture. I think it's pretty funny though. Just laugh it off and you will have a great story to tell later. Lol.

  anniebananie  |  3

Yeah, I think replying with lyrics is really annoying, too. It's just really stupid and doesn't add to the comments in any way. Nobody likes to just read lyrics.

  wordgirl  |  0

I think you are, indeed, the only one who thinks he's being annoying. That was the funniest reply I believe I've ever read to a post on FML, and if you don't get it, you're not thinking. Sorry for you. Meanwhile, the rest of us are laughing. out. loud.

  fmkittw  |  0

"...An angels smile is what you sell You promise me heaven, then put me through hell Chains of love got a hold on me When passions a prison, you cant break free" Ok let's start there... What does this mean and how does it relate to the FML at all. There is no point to it along with the second and third verses. One line in the entire song might be slightly related to the FML. And wordgirl, look I made a statement and one person agreed with me, therefore saying that multiple have the same point of view as me. Also if you think that "everyone else is "LOL"ing at it you are mistaken. Only 4 people thought it was funny and one of them didn't een get it was an actual song. Plus, how old are you to think this so laugh out loud worthy? I don't mean to bash everything about this Its just the whole thing is ridiculous and annoying.

  Harry_Poochi  |  0

I agree with Annie and fmykittw. On almost every FML, the kid replies with lyrics that never even remotely apply to the FML. Not to mention the lyrics are never funny.

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