By thanks_world / Thursday 26 December 2013 06:48 / United States - Everett
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By  Wizardo  |  33

This is why you should keep strong liquor away from celebrations with young family if not altogether but in other words happy belated birthday Jesus day to everyone.


Today, a weird friend of my father's decided to visit us. Our house isn't very big, so when he went to the bathroom, I could hear everything. He didn't wash his hands after a massive dump, and when he came out of the bathroom he patted my face. FML

By texasrose921 / Monday 26 January 2015 11:29 / United States - Momence

Today, I went to school prepared to speak in front of a whole bunch of kids and talk about how great my middle school is. I spent an hour on the speech and took the 45 minute drive there. Turns out the coordinator of the school only called me in to pass out brochures. FML

By sureloved97 - / Sunday 9 January 2011 07:14 / United States
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