By Sean - / Friday 25 December 2009 00:36 / United States
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  sparkIy  |  7

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  Enummoc  |  7

#57- Exactly. So by taking the vodka and refilling the original bottle with water, OP is watering down the vodka in the original bottle (which is cruel). Learn to think.

  pippymiskers  |  7

it's not as if they would put the water in the vodka bottle while vodka was still in there. although that could have been the matter if they knew vodka doesn't freeze and filled it up with water anyway.

By  Rakshasa23  |  6

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  claireful  |  6

if he's been taking a little over a period of time, putting rubbing alcohol in it wouldn't make sense because then he wouldn't be able to keep taking some; it would've been a one time thing. think before you post.

By  lyndis_fml  |  6

If I were your parents, I would be more pissed about you ruining the vodka than I would be about you drinking it. I'd rather drink an ounce of vodka than half a bottle of watered-down swill.

  floon_fml  |  6

Well that seems a little harsh to call someone a "prick" over their Fml. This could be a 14 yr old kid for all you know. I used to love reading the comments section, as most commenters were fairly understanding and just wanted to have a good laugh at someone else's misfortune! Now it seems like the site is full of bullies who want to name call, and start stupid arguments over facts that no one other than OP can verify. Come on people.

By  ireply_wlyrics  |  45

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By  makino_fml  |  6

Even if the bottle did not freeze, they will figure out what you have been doing all this time when they taste it. Why ruin the entire bottle when you could have left them at least half (or whatever was left that you have not drank) of some water-free vodka?

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