By Anonymous / Saturday 23 June 2012 13:11 / Australia - Melbourne
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  Ajwc101  |  24

Oops. I meant say Are instead of If.


Angry Birds has the same affect on people. It gets they're blood pumping, hearts racing; So naturally you breath heavy and shake your apple/whatever other touch screen object around like a chronic masterbater.

  43trauts  |  14

Considering that the mini-game takes place in Papa Smurfs house, it wouldnt be more fun. It would actually be kinda creepy.

By  dankpotatoes  |  2

Those smurfs just get me going(,

By  Ajwc101  |  24

If you sure you weren't having a little fun under the covers? Jokes aside your life sucks a lot.

  aileen15  |  15

lmfaoooo thts a good one @pinecone1414

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