By NoorFML / Friday 19 October 2012 14:37 / United States - Baton Rouge
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  max_wilder  |  9

Truthfully a mini lighthouse is a really shitty gift.

By  OuchAndGoodfight  |  5

Lighthouses and nightlights are two different things, my friend.

By  beddington  |  7

Sounds like your the "Light of her life"

By  zenrael  |  21

Menopause is my guess

  folfg0  |  12

22! Your comment reminds me of my moms fight with me, and my girlfriends fight with me... me... "Honey, are you okay?" Her... " WHAT THE F****??? DO I LOO OKAY??" Me. "...no? Are you on your period? Can I help do something?" Her: "all guys think its PMS OR MENOPAUSE! F** you!!!" Me. "What's wrong then? Can I help?" Her. "NO ! I'm on my period! Guys can't fix everything you know!!"

Totally not pms or anything like that... Right 22?

  kyleekay  |  25

78- Oh, forgive me. The one instance in your life where PMS is the culprit of a shitty attitude OBVIOUSLY means that it's ALWAYS the cause.

My original comment (22) wasn't denying that PMS, etc, never causes a bad mood. I'm just sick of seeing those type of comments on every FML where a girl is rude.


Bitches aint shit but menses and tits.

By  beddington  |  7

Surprisingly weak comment from you Noor.

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