By HelpMe - / Tuesday 25 February 2014 09:59 / United Kingdom - Galashiels
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  caohm  |  18

reminds me of Spongebob when Patrick had to take care or Gary the snail and since he's a dumbass Gary pretty much starved hot sick almost died.

  Pleonasm  |  31

That was Squidward, not Patrick, and it was because he was an asshole that didn't give a shit about Gary and wanted Spongebob gone, not because he was an oblivious buffoon. Sorry, couldn't resist.


No he's right. There's an episode where Patrick takes care of Gary while Spongebob's at his grandma's party. Patrick harms Gary while taking care of him since he ignored Spongebob's directions. Don't worry, I love correcting people on Spongebob too

  TechFire  |  25

Why would you watch any episode from after the movie?

  mageepaigeee44  |  15

Honestly I agree with tech fire. Now I realize why I was unfamiliar with that episode. Sorry to all spongebob fans who enjoy the more current episodes. I really don't like them as much.

By  aisg  |  14

So you've had a guinea pig in your house for two weeks without noticing it? Your house must be so messy it's a pig sty :)

  eyepuppy  |  28

Honestly, the mom should have offered to bring the pet over. Whenever I go on vacation, I have my neighbor s watch my dog. I pay them and he stays over there while I'm gone. It would be silly to have to go over twice a day for feeding and cleaning.

By  Kiki242  |  19

Reminds me of Fairy Odd Parents.

By  Markymark1202  |  12

Time to search your house for a dead guinea pig!

  Markymark1202  |  12

No No, if you killed their family pet your not let off the hook, and when a animal is starving I'm pretty sure it hunger crazed itself out of the cage

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