By Anonymous - / Wednesday 2 December 2009 19:25 / United States
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  Rellich  |  0

Compare prices of the TV to the Guinea Pig. I'd prefer having the TV.

  Unregistered  |  0

. . . . you value a guinea pigs life over a humans life? OP is a woman, most likely she is posting FML because her husband is abusive and when he gets home he will see the tv and kill his wife. Scenario 2, the LABOR and TIME put into getting the first T.V. combined with the LABOR and TIME to get the second T.V. of that human being will obviously be greater then that of a rodent, I mean if it was a cat or a dog, I could understand but a guinea pig is nothing more then a rodent and is a pretty generic pet at that I've had 5 guniea pigs in my lifetime they all generally acted the same not hard to replace a guinea pig because a lot look the same.

  shybullet  |  0

wow, you're an ass. oooh, only dogs and cats are animals worth valuing. nevermind that her daughter could have a lot of love for her pet. i've also had a lot of guinea pigs in my life and each one definitely had a distinctive personality. they're such sweet and loving animals and they don't get enough credit. also, you're an ass.

By  neon_shoes  |  0

At least the guinea pig didn't get decapatated or something like that. Well I guess then this FML would have been about having to clean up two pieces of a guinea pig or gut stains. It must have been a pretty nice T.V if your writing about it then.

  Reyo  |  2

Are you saying that you'd be willing to clean Guinea Pig guts out of your carpet no problem? I would. Broken TV parts can be removed. A disturbing mental image can't.

By  CallMeHush  |  0

I hate guinea pigs.

  kFrizzleee  |  1

I do too. Those of you who are upset that we hate them, probably wouldn't understand unless you've had one. Most of them like to squeak their heads off for no reason.

  shybullet  |  0

yeah, seriously, if i had to choose between a baby's life and a TV i'd pick the TV. having a baby is FREE, the tv is like, what, $2000?

also how can you not manage to spell the word "guinea" correctly when it's already written out for you?

  shybullet  |  0

uh, no. the point was that acquiring a baby is of no cost whatsoever, but clearly its life is more important than a tv set. no one would say "oh, well just get pregnant AGAIN, it's free!" having a pet may be cheap to acquire, but that doesn't make their life any less important or replaceable.

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