By rejected - / Monday 23 December 2013 10:44 / Australia - Brisbane
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Thank you. I feel honored. JK my brother took my phone while I was eating lunch. He got on and commented on this. Problem? I guess so.

  granCanyon  |  12

Give your mother a biology textbook for Christmas. If she would marry him instead of your father she wouldn't have his daughter but a completely different person. Genetics come from both parents not just the father.

  parism143  |  28

I don't think she meant she'd have the same daughter, she's implying she'd have had his and therefore a different child with a different personality, etc.

  granCanyon  |  12

If she wants a different child she can make one with OP's father. Our personality is the result of the education we receive from our parents, teachers and the environment we live in. The same child born in a poor ghetto "hood" will be completely different from a child born in a rich, intelectual environment. If OP's mother doesn't like OP's personality then it's probably her fault. Making a child with another man wouldn't solve the problem if she's a crappy mother.

  CaitiieBuggs  |  23

43- that is debatable. My uncle found out he had a brother when he was 30. Same mom, different dads, totally opposite lifestyles. One rich, one poor, one well educated, one drop out, etc. etc. When they came together they were almost like the exact same person, it was kind of creepy.
I don't disagree everything you listed off does effect personality, but don't discount the power of genetics.

  SuperMew  |  22

There are a set of twins who were raised by different parents, adopted out to different families. They lived mirrored lives, married women with the same name, smoked the same cigarettes, had the same job, got the same degree. So while nurture and nature play a huge part in developing a person equally, there are things about people's personalities that parents just cannot control--mental illnesses, interests-- which is why nice parents can raise murders and abusive parents can raise saints.

  Enslaved  |  36

I was raised in the same environment with the same parents as my sisters and yet we all have very very different personalities. Polar opposites.

Who knows if birth orders had anything to do with that or the other studies that says your personally is usually determined by the age of 6? Nothing is a cookie cutout of whom you will become. (:

  granCanyon  |  12

@74 Did you and your sisters have the same friends, go to the same classes, have the same hobbies etc?
Yes, I agree genetics are influencing our lives but people underestimate the influence of the environment.
Even though sisters have the same parents they still can grow in a completely different environment. It's our choices that show who we truely are not our genetics. If someone is lucky enough to have good teachers and ambitious friends he could achieve a lot and end up as a rich doctor with a perfect family and a nice house even though his IQ is average and he's a little lazy. On the other hand if someone is very smart but lives in a place where he cannot use his gift and his parents don't give a shit he will achieve nothing in his life.
Sisters can be different not because of the genetics but because they had better friends, better teachers, parents liked them more than the other children etc. Even a simple thing like receiving a book or a violin for Christmas can completely change one's life. The environment I was talking about is so much more than just the house we live in and our parents.


I clicked on the comment section just to verify someone said ops mom is a total bitch and it appears that it was mentioned plenty but I'll say it once more to make sure... op your mom is a total bitch!!!!!!

By  asapp78  |  16

Don't fret, I'm sure she didn't mean it the way it came out. Merry Christmas!

  coried91  |  28

I'm sorry but the way she said it sounded pretty specific to me.

  8born8  |  18

When their offspring started spouting yolo, swag & wearing pants that have a crotch that hangs so low, it looks like a full nappy that needs changing.

  Sandman366  |  6

Or if their kid wears two pairs or shorts, one to have on normally, and the other to yank down halfway over their knees. (Sadly, yes, I saw that. Guy pulled them up then back down before he got into a car...)

By  Boohoo69  |  4

Don't say something, if you're not prepared for either a positive or negative response.

  Booda_Shun  |  28

Then... don't say anything at all?

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