By alexa - / Tuesday 8 December 2015 17:14 / Germany - N?rnberg
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  ThatOneChick856  |  35

I agree. It's really fucking sad that a lot of people in long-term relationships (and especially marriages) end up thinking their partner is only good for sex after being together for so long. No wonder people end up miserable- they treat the people they're supposed to love the most like absolute shit. If I was with someone, I'd take them out to dinner just so we can treat ourselves and have fun and if spoil them, honestly!

  Mathalamus  |  23

That's just being complacent. You can't expect them to sustain the romance for decades. It's a little difficult.

  DoomedGemini  |  37

My grandparents were known for holding hands and were romantic until the day my grandma died. Even when my grandma was very sick and my grandpa had to be a full time caretaker for her as her physical health deteriorated. I'm sure it's hard, especially at stressful times, but it's completely possible.

By  LittlePengy  |  22

tell him you remembered how small he was anyways and 'theres no point anyways'

By  Adam_Power58  |  16

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  leogachi  |  15

@5 That's a silly thing to say. You don't even know if they practice a religion.

By  tormcn  |  26

That's insensitive. Tell him you want him to make it up to you, and no sex until he does!

.. And it might take a while.

By  Ihavegas  |  22

if thats what he has to do just get some action, at least some thought has gone into it.

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