By Walter - / Saturday 24 October 2015 03:17 / Spain
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By  hoeslikedicks  |  21

Sounds like a sick situation.

  Grazelent_90  |  16

I disagree, it was hilarious to me but we are entitled to different opinions...

By  juicy_extasy  |  25

Risky business

  thatguy206  |  27

it was the fish tacos he had.

By  whatunicorn  |  17

Oh god I hope you were sick before then that's just gross. and if you were I feel bad for your girlfriend, poor girl probably thinks there's something wrong with her.. but if you weren't then thats probably gonna be a very awkward conversation..

By  blazeitrabbit  |  14

Maybe something that has to do with her body,anyways FYL and your girlfriend

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