By no low five - / Wednesday 30 November 2011 11:17 / United States
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By  HowAreYouToday  |  34

You have been bro-zoned by your soon to be wife

By  HowAreYouToday  |  34

You have been bro-zoned by your soon to be wife


Personally, hugs>kisses

  lolman222  |  0

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  bubble25_fml  |  5

Hunny, ur hubby is Gary w/o the r...

  tylersign  |  11

Too bad it's used in English. I could say that a lot of our words are from Latin roots, that doesn't mean it isn't English.
"Et Tu Brute" is French. But it's in the ENGLISH play "Julius Caesar".

  Naitsi  |  19


  boofgall  |  16

That's a good point! Plus, I'd probably laugh if that happened to me. It shows a playful approach, and marriages need more fun in them to strive these days..

  graham11  |  14

56- umm I've never heard anyone call it a double high five. A double high five, technically, would result in a high five followed consecutively by a second high five. A high ten is when you give a high five with both hands simultaneously. If you want to get technical here...

By  wriptidez  |  0

nope u guys will be united- calls for a kiss

  Fruit_Dealer  |  9

I seriously wonder.. What kind of fruit you're on. You seem to be high all the time when you comment. But not weed-high. Something more intense, more radical, so I'm thinking maybe pineapples or something.

By  Scrts  |  3

Husband should better do high eleven!

By  missL1z  |  5

You could give a high 10 then grab each other's hands bring it down to your sides and lean forward for a kiss! Win-win!

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