By shitty day / Wednesday 30 November 2011 10:53 / United States
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  Fudgeblocks  |  2

I was thinking the op should sit on the toilet for 24 hours and call the doctor for help add a tv, laptop, phone into the bathroom and it will be all good.

  stephan18  |  23

Dude I swear to god I saw that guy in your pic yesterday, he had same clothes he kept looking at me and when he got off the subway he leaned against the door, did a twist and blew me a kiss, which is weird cuz I'm a guy.

By  KateWesley44  |  0

what a crappy situation. (it had to be said!)

By  uprising_fml  |  0

that sounds awful . sorry OP, stomach illnesses are the worst . maybe you could wait until the storm is over? (even if it is briefly) but you should call someone to come over . I know you're just taking shits, but if you start throwing up, it will be nice to have someone .

By  Badab1ng  |  5

Line your car with garbage bags, then let the green apple nasties commence! Easy clean up, plus the car ride will be filled with the sweet feeling of relief.


Today, I had satanic gastric distress. Attempting to make light of this fact, and, being incredibly bored and seemingly alone at work, I managed to fart the intro to "Smoke on the Water" perfectly. Somebody clapped. FML

By Charlie529 - / Wednesday 19 February 2014 15:30 / South Africa - New Germany

Today, I was debating weed legalization in drug awareness. I was thoroughly unleashing arguments: how marijuana turns normal citizens into criminals, how the government spends billions to enforce drug laws, when I lost my train of thought. My teacher grinned saying, "My point exactly." FML

By katzperiod - / Thursday 5 March 2009 04:21 / United States
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