Today, my daughter asked for a dollar to buy ice cream from the ice cream truck while I was on my computer working. Out of my wallet she took a fifty dollar bill. The ice cream man got a big tip before driving off. FML

By BrokebyKids / Monday 6 September 2010 20:26 / United States
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  xWTF_FML_FTWx  |  0

get the icecream man's fingerprint off the icecream wrapper, track him down, go over there and shoot him in the eye, take your $50 (plus more), and take his icecream truck.

  rohosoccer08  |  0

that's a horrible ice cream man to not give the kid her change.... but I'm agreeing with those of you who said the kid shouldn't have gone out on her own either

  trinidadm  |  0

hey email me [email protected]

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