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It may be harsh, but it can be beneficial for the long run. Now OP maybe realizes this and can take some course of action. OP go out right now and buy deodorant and facial/body cream.

Sorry OP but sounds like you may need to see a dentist and change your perfume, or perhaps tell your co-worker to sod off.

Change washing powder/fabric softener? Maybe you also need to address your basic personal hygiene routine?


No it doesn't. I might hate my coworker's choice of perfume (in fact, there's one girl on my course who uses this hideous old lady perfume) but I wouldn't dream of saying "You need to stop using that perfume, it's distressing me". If someone who smoked worked with me, I'd never say "You stink and look like shit". That's just fucking rude. If you really think that's acceptable behaviour, I'm glad as hell that I don't work with you, or in fact know you.


#9 And their looks? I don't see how that was any of OP's co-worker's damn business. If somebody does smell really bad there are far kinder ways of telling them, this colleague is just a bitch.


#29 This probably not the case, but sometimes the smell really IS a bother. One of the girls that went to school with me used such an overbearing amount of perfume that I'd feel nauseous and sometimes even throw up. I had to always sit by the window or sit very far away from her with a window open, otherwise I'd feel horrible until the perfume wore off a bit. There is no excuse for complaining about someone else's looks, though!

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how do you know that's the reason? and im pretty sure not using deodorant or perfume will make you look bad physically

By  maz95

As hard as it is to hear from someone, it's only advice that can help you if you act on it.

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