By Violet - / Saturday 5 April 2014 01:57 / United States - Exeter
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  MrDonSalvetti  |  27

#16: no just NO...!


I personally never thought those shirts to be cute, I think the idea of them isn't that great. What OP needs to do is talk to her boyfriend about this, and if he still insists, then she should probably break up with him.

  Kamon97  |  23

Or an "Im with stupid" shirt :p

  joea21  |  21

Wow #32 I didn't know being loose was an empowering thing for women. Way to show all those men by banging them before you break up. You should really look into becoming a feminist!

  CJB3228  |  17

Why is everybody's first reaction to these FML's to dump the guy?

  okudatwo  |  11

No. That's such an arbitrary way of thinking. It's not that big of a request, unless he tells her to wear it all the time. Think about it from his point of view.

By  Faddyy6  |  17

sorry op, but do you look like a guy?

By  koza  |  8

Wear more feminine clothes?

  LolliDolly  |  19

I don't see why OP should have to change her style - or wear a shirt like - to help her boyfriend's reputation. Wouldn't he have known what she was like before they dated?

  MacItUp  |  8

I was just waiting for all the politically correct people to jump on you "why should she change? Who cares if she is a chick who dress and looks like a dude!?" The world we live in is a episode of The Twilight Zone. *bracing myself for all the liberal backlash an thumbs down*

  PresidentNorth  |  16

Some people can't handle the truth. Regardless of its nice or not. The truth hurts. We learn to accept it and move on. or fix the fucking problem in general and not complain about it.


Funny how #16 gets downvoted for saying basically the same thing about matching shirts, and this gets upvoted. Anyway, I agree with the matching shirts being a better idea, but he shouldn't have mentioned it in the first place.

By  MacItUp  |  8

If people on the street can't tell your sex. And your boyfriend was attracted to you maybe he is gay since he digs a chick that looks like a dude. Go ahead thumbs down me lol the idea makes to make sense for people not to be offended

  barfcannon  |  24

Here's two: sometimes biological sex does not match up with gender identity, and people shouldn't be shunned for how they choose to express themselves on the street.

  Mynamewontfi  |  40

#15 Speaking about making sense, I wish your comment made sense. I want to make a proper reply, but I can't understand half of what you said. could be me though

  MacItUp  |  8

Well if the boot fits. Or in this case if your dating someone who looks IDENTICAL to the gender you claim not to be attracted to, then maybe your infact into that gender. I know heaven forbid girls like boys lol

By  barfcannon  |  24

Believe it or not, OP, but there are guys who will actually care for you, regardless of how androgynous you look. My sister gets confused for her husband's son and they just laugh it off and continue being in love.

  barfcannon  |  24

This joke went right over my head, 51. :(
Ironic...that my pic is a cat renowned for his hair balls?
That my name is barfcannon and yet I can coherently form a sentence?
Or that my sister gets mistaken for a young man, which is repulsive to you and makes you wish you were a barfcannon?
I hope it's not that last one, I can assure you she is a lovely person.

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