By Anonymous - / Sunday 2 January 2011 00:51 / Canada
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  bigphill1333  |  0

A cup = :(. B cup = :/. C cup = :). D cup = :D

  therealbmw  |  2

ydi for not having pleasing tits

  kei1108  |  13

I agree with you all the way, 101. ugh.. they have no idea what it's like... guys have it a lot easier!!

That guy NEEDS to be dumped. I hope she did...

  Brittaneyyy  |  0

idk how some people are ranting over this some guys like a girl with a decent rack or a nice ass if he really had a huge problem with it he would of broken up with her probably n besides his friends probably know what she really looks looks like n If I was a dude I wouldn't wanna be at a party with my dudes n gf n being ragged on for getting with her sorry if that's shallow but I'm thinking logically n also from experience

By  zanguard  |  0

Grow some bazongas!

  derangedplanet  |  23

we get that you like them, seriously you think us women of the world haven't noticed? What we don't understand is how you expect us to be thin, well chested, and smart. if you're thin and we'll chested, you're already technically illproportionate, and are at higher risk than you should be for a lot of dangerous shit. who the hell gets to judge females off of their genetic predisposition to be unable to fight off bags of fat. logic=none

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