By lolatmylife / Friday 22 August 2014 06:02 / United States
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By  Loaded_Dubz  |  9

That sucks.. I getem with some payback.

  CharismaGeek  |  19

Why is number 1 gettin thumbed down? If I were OP , I would dump him and "accidentally" send him a pic of me and a different man in my bed before deleting his contact.

  MzZombicidal  |  36

Yes, because rebounding with some stranger to spite your cheating boyfriend is totally the answer...
Just dump him and move on. If someone cheats, they're not worth the time of day.

  Enslaved  |  36

If the OP is willing to get back at her (hopefully ex-) boyfriend by sleeping with another guy, all that's going to do is make that BF glad he fucked her over "first" and make his actions seem justifiable.

Best thing is to end things and have him regret that he lost a great girlfriend that would have always been faithful if they were to still been together. I know so many guys that talk about their great ex that they wished they still had but fucked up and lost her forever.

  ruxtain  |  15

WOW, looks like somebody is a badass

By  cailey1234567890  |  24

Maybe its.
I got nothing

By  blazerman_fml  |  17

It would be really weird if she was part of his family.


#9 I wouldn't use the word weird to describe it I would use incest since that's what it would be if they were related.

By  iceking53  |  8

He's going to g Dave fun talking his way out

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