By Anonymous / Thursday 14 January 2010 22:35 / United Kingdom
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  McFail_fml  |  4

he probably isn't wrong is he was able to write "we're through fat slob" on just her forehead...
imagine how many words he can fit on her jelly rolls

  tiancai  |  0

#33 because every guy has a car, right? I'm sure if he was rich enough to have his own car he could score a much hotter chick than a "fat slob" one. Good luck trying to key that message into his monthly bus pass...

By  TheRipper_fml  |  0

You deserved it for apparently being a fat slob.

  loludunnomeee  |  18

Exactly. Lose weight.

By  lucifer69_fml  |  0

why didn't he just write 'cunt' on your forehead? that word suits any occasion

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