By unwantedforlife - / Wednesday 20 November 2013 00:19 / United States
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By  moonsalt  |  20

Well, it's Netflix. I mean, come on; it's like having heaven in your living room.

  Booda_Shun  |  28

Every movie you could possibly want at your fingertips... And only 10 years ago we barely had it

  parism143  |  28

I don't enjoy Netflix for that particular reason. Just pop over to vodly.to and a wide variety of tv shows and movies are just a click away. Provided a good quality link is posted.

  Polynomial  |  28

But, boss, you can watch The Walking Dead season 2 right as season 4 is coming out. If that's not up to date, my name isn't Hannah does the Hulu in Hawaii.

  jayceejaco  |  15

The tv shows are not up to date because it's basically there to get you into the series. A lot of shows I watch now are because I veg out one day a week and watch 2 seasons of a show get into it and watch the current episodes on TV or hulu

By  Vegeto30294  |  19

Make him pay you for every movie/TV series he wants to watch.

By  iSativa  |  24

Netflix. Creating friendships from relationships and killing the movie rental industry. At least he's still in your life? FYL.

  joea21  |  21

He's a smart man

  Chumsword  |  8

Tell him he can figure it out then give him a cryptic riddle that has nothing to do with it.. Or just tell him to spend his own ten bucks a month..

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