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Wow that's not a true boyfriend; this will just keep yapping and it's not right, he is playing head games and needs to get a life before deserving someone like you.


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I put my hand up on your hip. When I herp, you derp, we derp! >_> sorry. Came to mind, had to share.


The amount shouldnt matter. If what I got for christmas from my BF was a card saying "I love you" I'd be perfectly happy. (:


uh, no reasonable woman wants money thrown at her, but they DO like help paying for the mortgage and utilities. TX has his priorities right. it doesn't have to be in gifts, but there DOES need to be a mutual financial agreement at some point about things.


Quick some one grab my epi pen, apparently number 16 did not realize I was allergic to bullshit.


I'd rather buy a $5 pizza and have a picnic on the lounge room floor watching a movie for Valentines day :) If you really love someone you don't need the expensive gifts, you just need to spend time together :)


I think it's a pig with wings.... OP that sucks, but hopefully you're not really high-maintenance, that you expect to be showered in jewelry just because you were in a relationship.

Shouldn't have asked for that extra kiss. Threw his whole budget out of wack. If need be I'll give him a surprise for ya OP just lead him to my ship.

Well, it doesn't cost a lot to get a little something, just goes to show he's a douche really. Move on and find someone else!

I told Every1luvsboners the same thing when he asked me for the Anal Intruder 5000 with the optional Extra Large Fist. Who the hell do you think you are?!

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