By toonice / Thursday 17 July 2014 20:48 / United States - Eugene
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  sometimessam  |  16

So punch him in the nose, he won't feel that way anymore.

  katieemerr  |  14

Violence probably isn't the answer in this scenario. You made a lucky escape OP, he definitely did have something to feel guilty of! Keep up with being nice, everyone loves a nice person :)

  flame5768  |  14

when someone breaks up with a girl, and it means they're cheating? the answer is no. feeling guilty or not, it doesn't mean he cheated. it could be small things like charity, not spending time with family or the like. but you go straight to cheating.you know, if someone cheated on you it doesn't mean everyone is a cheater right? honestly people like you need to stop jumping to conclusions. and that goes for everyone saying he cheated.

  cryssycakesx3  |  22

I agree 49. overly nice people are annoying and make me feel awkward. certainly not because I've cheated on them.

  MrsFlowers  |  9

@49... Calm yourself down. Seriously. You're right, it doesn't mean that he was cheating. But being in a relationship and feeling 'guilty' about something... cheating is what most people assume. He's obviously been hiding something, or what he wouldn't feel guilty. Maybe he was or wasn't cheating on OP. But YOU don't know that. And neither do I. It seems to me like you have some emotional connection with this situation. So please, before you comment deal with your personal problems. Thank you for the insight that there are other options for him to feel guilty about besides cheating

By  SkyGuy32  |  17

I can just imagine someone asking another person to "stop being nice". While that would be awkward, it's certainly not as bad as ending a relationship over it.

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