By Kwalker3 / Sunday 6 May 2012 06:39 / United States - Tracy
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By  oOxMERROxOo  |  0

YDI you need to get better boyfriendnet

  Branflakes78  |  13

what's a boyfriend net?? never heard that before! and shut up i thought this was pretty funny

  _ebbonyy  |  11

2- you need to get better typingskillsnet

  CaliGali  |  9

That's really funny

  uJelly24  |  1

'online porn'... Is there any other kind of porn?Unless... No I took that thought too far.

  WhyAmUHere  |  19

What do you think people did before the Internet? Squeeze their asscheeks together to make them look like boobs? C&H reference aside, they have porn magazines.

By  jemmers  |  13

You need to get him out of the house. He's watching way to much Netflix or Hulu.

Or tell him the connection has slowed and he needs to go fix it and go faster.

By  shannonjnae2706  |  0


I literally laughed myself to tears after reading this one.

FML, indeed.


71- if you knew half the shit that randomly comes up in conversations between my boyfriend & myself (strangely relating to this very FML topic), you'd laugh at this FML post until you cried, too. :)

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