By Anonymous - / Monday 31 December 2013 11:16 / United States - Woodinville
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By  erockinthesuburb  |  17

You would think that should have been a happy conversation, sans the whole testicle-crushing thing...

  Shrouds  |  14

thats when wearing the boxers u wore back in middle school need to be upgraded. Briefs and Boxer Briefs from companies other the hanes and FotL are actually better fitting/looking. CK, CIn2 and Aussie Bum are some of my favorites

By  cgchamp89  |  7

I don't understand how you managed that... Hope your fiancée takes care of them for you.

By  Krystallkitty13  |  1

So... Shift your position? Don't just keep sitting there?

By  rockstar362  |  8

Dump herrrrr!!! ***sarcastically portraying people who give such advice on other FMLs***

  Schizomaniac  |  24

Is it? Is it gay, 28? Is Rockstar emotionally or sexually attracted to other Rockstars of the same sex? So what if it is? Maybe Rockstar grew up being judged for it. Maybe Rockstar longs for acceptance and just wants to be loved, but its conservative parents tell it that it has an illness. Shame on you.

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