By blumaster04 - / Tuesday 22 December 2009 22:53 / United States
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  lokiitababii69  |  19

omgg id love it! im keeping up my tree all year... then again... i have a charlie brown xmas tree.... literally i bought that tree... with the one ornament and all :)

  flgirlwguitar  |  2

LMAO! Good One!

Anyway, a little nail polish remover should do the trick. Yes, it'll take the finish off your hardwood if that's what it's glued to, but I'd take that over a fake xmas tree glued to the floor.

  null_fml  |  11

Yeah, I've got nothing against the whole "kitchen" humour fundamentally... I used to participate, for that matter... but it's gotten SO old. It's just annoying now.


Today, my mother keyed my car because I wouldn't invite her into my home and get her a cup of tea, so she could continue screaming that she was going to kill me while I tried to feed my 4 month old daughter. The last time I got her a cup of tea she threw it in my face. FML

By crazyparents - / Wednesday 10 November 2010 07:12 / Australia
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