By anonymous / Sunday 27 November 2011 00:12 / United States
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By  DudeYmustI  |  0



That happened to us every year growing up... Come to think of it there was also always alcohol involved in the setting up of the tree also...

...I wonder what could have caused the tree to always fall over..... Ehh.
Who wants some mango's?

  Kitsa  |  3

Serves you right for setting it up so early. It's not even December yet! Bet your one of those people that leaves your crap up even after the holidays over.

By  MrWhiteGluz  |  1

This is gods way of telling u it's not x mas yet it's still fucking November dumb ass

  heylesha  |  8

and its usually tradition to put up the tree after thanksgiving. and If your going to bring god up in this use the correct way of saying christmas. Not xmas. Cause im prettying sure the thumb downs is gods way of saying say it right... dumbass

  alexvn  |  0

Couldnt agree more. Getting into the 'Christmas spirit' in November is just BS.
10 years a go people would set up trees somewhere around the 2nd week of December. Over the past decade Christmas has only been marketed more and more as some sort of "buy buy buy fest". Setting up a tree now is just hopping onto the retail bandwagon who's only goal is to get you to buy as much stuff for aslong as possible.
This all of course using the Christmas spirit as excuse.

  diidiimi  |  10

Anyhow, Christmas trees should be real, and getting them too early just means they're dead by the time Christmas actually turns up. Of course, I live in Australia, this probably isn't such a problem in cold places. :-P

  Lubpynk  |  0

28.....15 was only saying use CHRIST in CHRISTmas not Xmas. people are forgetting what Christmas is about. I don't think she was caring about grammar mistakes.

  docscientist  |  9

Christmas or Xmas has nothing to do with god for me. I celebrate it for family and merriment. People need to stop being Hypersensitive about how to say Christmas and stop worrying about what it means to other people. If it means your God being born to an unmarried virgin, then so be it, but for the rest of the world it's not, and for the corporate world, it's good business. If you want to make it only about Jesus, then it can't be the most pervasive holiday in the US, seeping into every poor of every block.
In short, deal with it.

  NotDave  |  0

Thanks for the lunatic hippy response, 35, but some people enjoy the holiday and the feeling it gives them, and they would like to set up for it early. It doesn't mean they're going to buy everything in sight. I have no idea why you would make random, pissed-off assumptions like that.


Some people follow the tradition which involves putting the tree up a day or or after Thanksgiving, it is a normal tradition.
As for the debate about God and Christmas some people do choose to believe and celebrate for specific reasons (like the birth of baby Jesus) others celebrate for the merriment. There is no reason to down others views or religion over a holiday. At the same time there is no reason trying to change others opinions and force religion down their throats. Just be happy that you get to celebrate another holiday and quit finding things to bitch about.

  white16sox  |  19

52 if CHRIST hadn't been born, there would be no CHRISTmas. See the connection? It is a holiday to celebrate the birth of Jesus. And the gift giving became a tradition after St. Nicholas (Santa Claus) went around giving everyone in his village gifts on the day of Christ's birth. Also, Saint Nicholas did exist but is now known as Santa Claus.

  ZebulonPike  |  8

Seriously, people?! Why don't you just drop the whole thing and let each other celebrate Christmas as they would like to? Christmas means different things to different people. No one way of celebrating Christmas is the way it should or shouldn't be celebrated. Just drop it!

  bitchslapped22  |  14

I agree with 68, I hate when people say calling it X-mas "takes Christ out of the holiday." Stop bitching at someone because they didn't spell out the word Christmas on an FML comment. God damn

  docscientist  |  9

Actually 64- if it hadn't been for pagans celebrating during winter-solstice, there'd be no celebration to be taken over and hijacked by the church which used the pagan festival and many of its themes to help assimilate them into the church. And santa clause is inspired from germanic paganism. Try not being a Christian/Christmas apologist who's only way of argument is by using caps on Christ.

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