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By  Nyxen

"Today, I realized I masturbate a lot which must mean I am a huge loser who can't get a girl. FML." I guess that's what they meant to post. Though personally I think masturbation is an important and beautiful thing. As long as you're not doing it in front of strangers or people who are upset by it.

Hahaha, my boyfriend realized the same thing and when he told me I had to laugh at him. That's not an FML though, you just work out your left hand more. Try to find something to do with the right hand.


Today, at work, a little girl came in and asked if we had any dance clothes. As I showed her, I asked if she was in a competition. When she said yes, I crossed my fingers and told her I hoped she would win. Unfortunately, I didn't cross them properly and I accidentally gave her the finger. FML

By georgiamarshall_ / Wednesday 9 January 2013 10:42 / Australia - Sydney
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