By Rapunzel - / Sunday 18 March 2012 20:02 / United States - Tucson
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By  ducky42  |  1

Your step dad has no right. no legal rights anyways. Have fun if there's a fire!!

  Grimmerie  |  31

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  Cad6  |  24

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  Dmars444  |  4

Am I the only person thinking its not illegal to lock a fucking window? Christ, people get security screens put on their window! That's not illegal!

By  sougstad  |  7

You should join the fire department

  stevenJB  |  22

That'll do no good for her escaping if theirs
A fire in her house. :/

  sougstad  |  7

Well asshole, I'm talking about the fact that should there indeed be a fire, he can now either be trained to put out the fire or escape his house. But your brain must be way to simple to comprehend that. It's gotta be a challenge to be you I bet

  Samuu212  |  11

I see what you did there

By  blackheart24  |  10

Well? Have you been sneaking out?

  J1hill33  |  12

Well actually, you're not supposed to open a window during a fire because it just let's in more oxygen to fuel the flame. Just saying.

  AmbrosiaWriter  |  17

If the only way to get out of the house is through the window (say, for example, the hall on the other side of the door is on fire) then I'm pretty damn sure the fire fighters would prefer you open a window and get the hell out of the building rather than stay in the burning house.

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