By smokecloud_ - / Monday 30 December 2014 21:38 / United States - Ashland
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Not so lucky if he can't respect what she likes, she was watching the TV first and should not have had to change channel.

  subiedude08  |  17

It's like your the dude and he's the chick

By  adrianh1090  |  12

Were you watching baseball?

By  wRIPPERw  |  23

I'm a guy, and I like documentaries. My girlfriend likes Basketball. I don't. It's the same thing, almost. But I still like sports , at least.
Go patriots, woo...

  slickchrome  |  11

so what, my dad started watching lifetime movies since he stopped drinking, he also replaced alcohol with cookies and cake. ops bf might have a legit reason for acting like a girl..on her period. go broncos!

  perdix  |  29

#75, you idiot, the Patriots play men's beach volleyball, Babe Ruth Zaharias was a female golfer who died before volleyball was invented. Duh.

By  Zebediabolical  |  36

To be fair, ESPN can be pretty boring at times. And depending on the Lifetime movie, It's quite possible I'd change the channel too.

Especially if it's the A DINGO ATE MY BABY! movie.

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