By Stinky. / Monday 9 April 2012 03:29 / United States - Chicago
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  angelk12  |  6

I think the problem was that he fell asleep and she had to sit through a movie she wasn't interested in. It might not have been an fml if it was a movie of her choice because she would have enjoyed it. :)

  Roevera  |  14

Can't you guys compromise on one? like choose a good one you both would enjoy? and if you go to a chick flick, then go see an action packed one next...

  1221jamw  |  11

A couple things(Yes in advanced I'm beig a hypocrite) But why does everyone comment in reply to No. 1 post? I've been on FML since 2009? Yeah around then and it was never an issue until they implemented the reply feature. Also, FML is about "little things that ruin your day." So basically this is an FML. Now on-topic I don't see why you couldn't just wake him up or leave.

  1221jamw  |  11

Well I do know why, it's because they want their comment shown. I personally don't see reasoning unless you're actually responding. Sorry for double post.

  SpottedZebra42  |  14

67 - Actually, people do it because it makes it to where their comment is more likely to be seen when there are already a lot of comments. Go look at the FML about the woman being made fun of by her coworkers. None of the replies to the first comment so far are actual replies.

  blackheart24  |  10

Who cares why ppl reply on the first comment? It's cuz we all like attention! Even u guys are doing it so get over it and get back the the FML.

Let your bf sleep OP. Then brag about what a life changing movie it was when he wakes up.

By  reenkaur  |  7

haha. too bad OP. pick it yourself next time because hes going to fall asleep anyways!!

  SkoomaKi  |  24

Well baby girl, being your boyfriend's bitch is okay but do you really want that? Wear the trousers, you have the pussy - therefore you are in charge!

  bizarre_ftw  |  21

46 - Having the pussy means you want the dick (visa versa [assuming you're straight]) therefore that means shit, therefore the respect should be equal (feminist moment over guys, don't freak)

  zinoxity  |  23

46 - Your post is full of ignorance. I'd rather masturbate than be pussy whipped by my gf.
Not to sound sexist, but the men should wear the pants in the relationship.

  zinoxity  |  23

62 - I'm all for equality as long as equal is equal. Say, a girl hits me, I can hit her back. Simple. No double standards. But that's not what girls want. They want more rights than the rights men have.

By  GoW_Chick  |  14

Maybe he just passed out because you smell so bad Stinky.

  GoW_Chick  |  14

Hmmm... I have thought it over and decided that no I will not leave, so shove it and endure my horrible commenting. Muhahahaha.

  perdix  |  29

#27 and #41, if you don't like a comment, thumb it down and move on! You're wasting space trying to bully people into leaving and then causing others like me to waste space calling you douchebags.

While I'm at it, 27 and 41, you are douchebags.

By  MelTheGreat  |  23

You guys sound like a boring couple.

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