By Miko / Sunday 1 February 2009 16:45 / United States
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By  ddrluna  |  2

Oh no, not someone who has different tastes in what they watch!

Don't be a mindless dipshit drone. Who cares about what other people think?

As for all of the other morons clinging desperately to their manhood and trying to look masculine in calling this guy a '***'... Shut the fuck up. We all know you're just a bunch of closet-homos anyway.

  bwinski  |  19

You and the OP need to hand in your man cards now...

  Inquizeron  |  18

A bunch of brain dead morons ramming into each other over a pigskin isn't manly. Football is just pussy rugby. In rugby they're actually fit, while football players are just fat. And rugby players don't even wear padding.

By  hospitalboyhaha  |  0

dude what the heck is ur problem

By  Doesuff  |  0

Did you turn gay immediately from that? I heard also sitting to close to other guys also does the trick! Be careful!

By  tjbaldy242  |  0

you need to edit the end of your statement your not a guy

By  rxxk  |  0

Dude, fuck the superbowl. Football's gay :]

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