By Anonymous - / Thursday 13 June 2013 16:01 / United States - Walker
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By  NicaLovesDisney  |  17

I'm assuming that you aren't talking about work if you were saying "public", so at least it wasn't a co-worker that you have to see every day.

  neeni88  |  23

I'm not sure why #3 is being thumbed down. It's a good point! She means at least it's not someone he'll ever have to run into again, whether he knows it or not. I know I would be rather uneasy if some crazy wacko like that was running around my workplace!

By  nattynatters  |  14

He was casting an evil poop spell. Beware.

By  RodzillaX  |  30

Sounds like a satanic toilet ritual. Quite common.

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