By Anonymous / Thursday 21 July 2011 10:43 / Australia
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you're waiting for a train... you don't know where this train will take you, but it doesn't matter... cause we'll be together... Inception ftw


Should have taken those hip hop classes that dudes girlfriend was teaching. I'm sure you could have danced your way to the train without using that foot. But you may have been mistaken for a drunk and wound up at an AA meeting. Either way at least you would have caught the train.


Yeah. OP is probably lying, getting pins and needles at that exact time is unlikely, it doesn't affect you THAT BAD, and the train must've just arrived and unless it was a subway it'd probably stay for a few minutes. Just be glad you didn't fall in the tracks. ;)

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Underpants gnomes expanded their business model to pins and needles into feet.... profit increased 30%


Step 1 - needles in feet Step 2 - ??? Step 3 - Profit 30% increase in this economy is a great turn around

By  Ugi

That must have been a really hard seat or you were there one hell of a long time! Hope your wait for the next one was shorter!

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