By Anon - / Friday 30 March 2012 05:10 / New Zealand
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By  amsalwajih  |  0

If only I could post memes on here...

  xxblmpknxx  |  10

While I too enjoy Taylor Swifting as much as the next guy, I fail to see how it's relevant here....

  deviable  |  9

There are already a thousand forever alone memes based on getting a text and thinking its someone who wants to talk to you, only to find out that it's a notification or advertisement of some kind.

By  niadanac1  |  3


  bmwguy01  |  8

this is what Op should do, sign her number up for sweepstakes and online junk and they could atleast have something contacting them

but that does suck for Op sorry :(

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