By lifebecrazed - / Thursday 17 January 2013 16:57 /
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I agree with 32, don't encourage him. Last time I was especially nice to an old person, he held me up in Waffle House for an hour performing a penny "trick" where he would put it in my hand then snatch it out really quickly. Then he started talking about his deceased wife and things got really awkward....

By  kingsian  |  15

Im going to need you to touch my cheek

  kingsian  |  15

No it's not. What's wrong is the fact everybody and they mama have to thumb me down because a joke I tried to make. She said she has the magic touch so I said she can touch my cheek too.

  tanekdrachonae  |  19

And lost their job. Yeah, that's a fantastic idea....

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