By Anonymous - / Friday 10 April 2009 16:53 / United States
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By  EffinWhosLife  |  0

That almost happened to me once in the second grade, we were having a party while some chick ate a load of candy and drank all this soda. We were watching a movie when she blasted the desk we had to share.

  killdozer1  |  2

If the teacher could comperhend wut she wuz try'in 2 sé, then eye fale 2 c y grammatical functions r nessesary.

By  bipolarchipmunk  |  0

Did you lick it up? Stomach acid's good for the esophagus, doncha know.

By  Fab_fml  |  0

I agree with #2. If you're sick, don't sit and wait for permission, get the hell out. That girl is as much an idiot as the teacher.

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