By stewhart - / Saturday 24 October 2009 07:25 / United States
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By  Vertoule  |  7

It's not even a -real- game... What if your son had died? "Ooh a black sheep" sounds a whole lot less appealing after "Some pedophile just kidnapped your kid and raped him to death with a garden trowel"

  ISellHerbs  |  0

This is so fake it isn't even funny. No parent would do that and besides it's impossible to play Farmville nonstop since the shortest growing time is 2 hours. More like a sad attempt to get high on the "Most Deserved" list.


I was going to say that too, you can't play farmville all day and especially make money,like the OP was saying..things have to grow..and yeah 2 hours is the min. What a lame and fake fml..how did this make it through

  bugmenotmofo  |  33

Fake. Farmville can't be played nonstop, you have to wait to harvest things, which take at least 2 hours. No one would just be staring at some crappy animations for the time in between. Also, it's called Farm Cash and Farm Coins, not Farm Money. Someone who plays the game nonstop all day should know that.

  janise  |  2

I think the OP meant they were on Farmville all day planting, harvesting, and waiting for plants to grow. If the OP is willing to ignore all phone calls to play it's not that much of a stretch to think she'd stare at a computer all day waiting on crops to grow.


Believe me, you can. My mom can sit at FarmVille/FarmTown for upwards of five hours. She's been known to be on for up to ten. There is a lot you can do, especially if you have a lot of friends or multiple accounts (she made one alt, and harvests my "dad's" farm which he didn't even want, she just logged in as him one day and made him both a 'Town and a 'Ville).
So yes, one can waste many, many hours on these games.....


As horrible as it sounds, she didn't know her son was in the hospital and she might have been known to get calls from telemarketers. I think she should have answered the phone after it rang more than once, but its none of your business what she does with her day, as we are all on FML writing comments and this site takes up a lot of time.


Angry much. She is not a bad mother. Stuff happens. I am not saying that she shouldn't have answered the phone, but she took a break for the day. Taking care of kids is hard. You guys take days off. What she chooses to do with her day is her business. Yeah its terrible the school tried to reach her, but she is not a bad mother for one bad thing happening that wasn't her fault (her kid breaking his arm) and then thinking that nothing bad would happen.

Op you should have answered the phone though.


We don't know how far the phone was. A kid is at school six to eight hours a day. The call about her son getting his arm broken might have been happening later in the day. I understand what she should have done, but the one day she takes a moment to herself is the day something goes wrong. I just don't think people have the right to curse her out and call her a bad mother for trying to take some time for herself. Children are hard to raise. Sure its not the best game in the world, but its free. She was most likely online with people. I mean, people are not required to be glued to the phone.

  AinsleyJo1952  |  0

Of course, I'm single and childless, but I do the same thing: let voice mail pick up my calls and, then, check my messages as I have time. This is just an unfortunate situation. Perhaps, she should let her phone calls go to voice mail--but check it VERY often, as she DOES have a child (at least one). But let's not judge her unless she's ALWAYS playing FarmVille while never giving her kid(s) the time of day.

  starberries  |  0

You don't get a day off from being a parent. You should always be available in case there's an emergency. You should at least check the caller ID before ignoring the call. That is extremely irresponsible.

By  Vertoule  |  7

It's not even a -real- game... What if your son had died? "Ooh a black sheep" sounds a whole lot less appealing after "Some pedophile just kidnapped your kid and raped him to death with a garden trowel"

  imajinethat  |  0

But now there's turtles. :) Score.

  Maxine17  |  8

Raped him to death with a garden trowel?

How would that...even work?

Actually, don't answer; I'll keep thinking about the cute Farmville turtles instead

  dreadfullife  |  1

IKR, the boy'd be like:

"Today, I fell off the top of the jungle gym and broke my arm. The school kept trying to phone my mom. She didn't answer. All day. Her excuse? I was too busy playing farmville. FML"

By  Piro_fml  |  0

Obviously a fake IMO. No one's that stupid

  tb15  |  0

Agreed, and also they would have left a message

  gingerface81  |  16

A 2 year old child in my town died by choking on cereal because his Mom locked him in a room then went out to party, so I conclude that a lot of people aren't ready for the kids they have and that this is almost definitly real

By  HappyCatIsHappy  |  0

Your son goes to school on a Saturday?

By  skyeyez9  |  24

if im playing a game, I will set the phone down near me. If it rings I check the caller ID on the phone screen to see if I want to talk to that person or not. Next time keep the phone next to you.

  s1d1ouz  |  2

he was playing on his phone stupid... if he answered it would exit him from the farmville app.

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