By Felicityfrank - / Thursday 1 May 2014 14:17 / Australia - Glen Iris
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By  abhi95  |  31

Well.. Are you sure it was a cow? Or did a bull just bullshit you?

  randompizzaguy  |  17

this comment was shittier than the fml.

By  zadrvzrjlzamfj  |  11

oooohh my god!! that shits big time!!....hope u got your boyfriend to clean you up...only then he would understand...

  Yeshua_fml  |  18

I think she meant he was going crazy. Like in shock. Not laughing.

  Yeshua_fml  |  18

You have to mention laughter though. Otherwise it becomes hysteria. ("He was hysterical." = "He went bat-shit.")

  sweetnsourrr  |  11

#97 I am pretty sure the OP meant he was laughing his ass off.
hysterical means uncontrollable emotion or fear which means it could mean any emotion, laughing is an emotion.
OP was definitely implying he was laughing, not upset..

  forthewynne  |  18

It could really go either way. OP's comment after that, which says that none of it got on him, could also imply that he was freaking out when none of it even got on him, but got all over OP.

By  gauravkunwar  |  12

hahahaha..... so much accuracy!

oh... sorry for the laugh. FYL

  Joshwarrior  |  36

More like they just carpet bombed her lol

By  superjewguy  |  19

that's a stinky situation

  that1guy35  |  3

hehe shitty...

  jdesa  |  2

#43 you're a shit face

By  Sebastian2022  |  22

I'm out of witty comments...sorry OP.

By  whenitdidhappen  |  14

you should have gave him a french kiss

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