By Anonymous - / Monday 23 August 2010 23:28 / United States
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Geez dude! 1. get a new Dad! 2. get a new truck - I presume something broke (or crashed) when Mr synapse changed gears for you? - For those asking, my take is: * the truck is (was) an auto; * it was revving low because it has a higher top gear than OP's Dad is used to (could easily be - truck is new - could have a 5 speed gearbox or Overdrive); * dipstick Dad decides truck must be in the wrong gear (FAIL - that would really only be a problem if the engine were revving too HIGH); * so


38: I think they do probably read the comments, though, unless they know they'll be majorly criticized for being overweight or something. The few times I've had my own FMLs published, they were embarrassing enough for me to submit anonymously. I read all of the replies and privately responded with a few answers, but only to my FML buddies— people that I [correctly] guessed wouldn't rag me too badly and respect my anonymity in the comments. OPs do occasionally respond; you can find instances o


14 are you serious? due east is future and west is , conversely, travel to the past. I swear what do they teach in middle school these days...

This is just stupid. If you were driving why were you letting your dad 'reach over' and do anything? Changing the gear manually in a vehicle with an automatic transmission isn't going to solve anything. You should both know better than to do crap like this.

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