By ithinkimturningjapanese / Thursday 6 August 2015 08:33 / United States - Apo
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By  Ms_ValS  |  27

Some of the vegetables are radioactive actually. Just use more heat. It's usually the stuff you don't cook like the innocent salads... good luck OP

  merpppppp  |  15

Because of the two atomic bombs that were dropped on Japan, OP's husband is paranoid the food in Japan has been radioactivity poisoned.

  merpppppp  |  15

Fair enough, I hadn't thought of that.

  Ms_ValS  |  27

Clarification: Heat won't make the radioactive vegetables safe for consumption. I meant your husband needs to use more heat on the food he does choose to serve.

  JackAtPage  |  13

You are wrong. The radiation from Fukushima is not a concern this long afterwards. If it was, the USS George Washington's reactor department would be freaking out.

Also, banana's have scary radiation. Be terrified! Or informed, I prefer the latter.

  Makaze  |  12

Why is it that the person fear mongering about radiation gets a ton of likes and the person trying to give information on the true levels and concerns for the radiation gets dislikes?

  Denise1988  |  13

I've lived at one of the Air Force bases there. I thought the commissary food was decent. I'm wondering if he's thoroughly cooking the meats, particularly poultry.


I currently live on the Yokosuka Naval Base where I'm stationed. It's hit or miss but the produce is particularly bad. I haven't had an issue with the meat but others have. Best foods are all out in town though.

By  Emmageen  |  14

an excellent opportunity to stop eating meat ^^

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