By jimmy / Friday 19 August 2011 21:57 / United Kingdom
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  MILFSaregood  |  7

Hopefully its not bad enough for u teach her a lesson by shoven ur pubed full dick in her face haha crabbbssss!!


Damn, enough with the puns already! 2% of the people here think it's funny. Half of them don't even make sense! AGHHHHH excuse me..
I'm gonna have a bf.

  Eyeliner_fml  |  0

I might be wrong, but I don't think crabs is something to die of, maybe you got it from a public bathroom, you never really know so don't assume and shave your pubic hairs.

  Friaza  |  29

Give her a pet crab for her birthday.

  Jaimegirl  |  7

At least you don't have lobsters...sorry I felt like making a crappy joke out of it haha. Sorry dude hope things work out in your future whatever that may be xD

  bubbywaldo  |  0

this is my favorite comment! because crabs are lice. and lice eggs are called nits. and in the old days, one way to insult people was to say they had the wit of a louse egg, I.e. a nitwit!

  shay1813  |  0

You can't get crabs from a public restroom unless once the person with crabs gets off you jump on the toilet right away. It can only survive without being on a host for a few seconds. Learned this in health class this year :)

By  Memoohhh  |  0

sexy (;

  nitewlf12  |  10

Dude I think she's saying the fucked up part is that this guy has never had sexual contact with anyone but his wife. That's sad. None at all? Damn. That's the real fml. Not the crabs.

  ileina  |  5

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  Moobug  |  4

It's called conversation, 108. Communication is not just question and answer, nor is it simply inflicting your opinion on the rest of the world.

  Iamaninchworm  |  0

This is a comment forum for a specific topic,

conversation is not a part of this you loose twat.

By  twofirstnames  |  12

Mmm, I wonder where she got them from..

By  Nyolia  |  11

It looks like she's got some explaining to do.

  reallytho3  |  11

How can u sleep durin sex? If u can ur not doing it rite...

By  glitterme  |  5

well you were just waiting for the right person that's ok :)

  glitterme  |  5

to bad you got crabs from your first time
or did you?

  radiocaf  |  29

That wasn't his point. He is referring to the possibility if his wife cheating on him, catching crabs and then giving them to him, although I'm sure they can be caught other ways too, like if she had headlice and performed other sexual acts on him.

By  daisyduke452  |  3

The post could say "Today I got diagnosed with crabs " And it would be fine... But I understand that you want to explain...

  FreshSalad  |  1

The whole toilet seat thing is a myth. Crabs that fall off are either injured/dying or dead. Also, they can't grip onto the seat because of it's smooth surface and they just fall off.

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