By lemongrab - / Sunday 18 May 2014 14:14 / Canada
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Yeah because this guy probably knows how to fix a computer...
I think if he "fixed" the computer for the lady he would probably get in real trouble.

By  inn0centaphid  |  19

Take it and ask for a refund at the store

  SPARTAN11810  |  9

Its going to be HARD DRIVE to fix it

  TiiBags  |  15

He must have overclocked his memory. ..

By  goodwithoutgods  |  20

You should have asked her if she wanted to see your manager, then take her to another employee and explain to them that she needs help. Problem solved!

By  singer0421  |  32

Customers can be both dumbasses and bastards. One time a customer yelled at me for a good ten minutes because there were Oreo pieces in the brownie of her Oreo Brownie Earthquake. She threatened to sue. -_-

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