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i hope op didnt do it with every single finger on his hand. and for no finger prints at all he had to dive right in there with both hands.


Yeah, I guess burning off your fingerprints is much more practical rather than, I don't know, wearing gloves?

rock on. I almost did the same thing with the heat lamp at my work, in the pass-thru. (i work at a restaurant), because it looked like the bulb was out. I am glad i did not, we are open for 24 hours, and those things are never turned off. Luckily i asked my manager first, otherwise, i may not have fingers. I need those. Be grateful, because after asking my boss, she told me why one of my coworkers carries her tray with her left hand...and why she does not have the tips of her fingers on her dom

# 10 if you dont have fingerprints then that makes it even more obvious that you did a crime! not a lot of people don't have fingerprints!


Depending on how many fingerprint-less people live in that area. My guess is not many. Although w/o fingerprints it could just look like op was wearing gloves, which I'm surprised more criminals don't think of.

#14 But you can't prove that the reason there were no prints was that the perp had no prints. He could have been wearing gloves.

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