By lbg2msf - / Wednesday 6 November 2013 18:08 / United States - Biloxi
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By  Boopycat  |  15

So many puns to be made

  swaggalikethat  |  22

Birds: Chirp chirp (hey Op,look up!)
Op: "looks up, gets shitted on"
Birds:"laughing, high fiveing each other, fly away"

Shoulda blew those little bastards right outta the sky, that would show them

By  aligator121  |  15

Shhhhh! It's just some sticky snow

By  Daryen_rawwwr  |  7

what a SHITTY situation. First pun c;

  evan_7899  |  28

Exactly, what if the first transmission they get is Honey Boo Boo and they are so repulsed by the human garbage they are so they just blow us to fiery hell with their mega laser.

By  lissa_jade  |  22

did you honestly expect that NOT to happen ?

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