By Anonymous / Friday 14 September 2012 05:28 / United States - Fort Lauderdale
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By  furry_fml  |  6

Wow, fyl

  magicbananas3  |  6

Wow. That really must've took some long hard thinking to figure out that someone on fml's life sucks.

  chesoes  |  8

yea i guess they did lol

  walmartpaysme  |  15

91 - saying "yea I guess they did" or any other form of simplistic agreement is just as bad as commenting just to say someone else's comment sucked. We have the thumbs to prevent this kind of irrelevant commenting.

By  piff7  |  14

At least she isn't doing it in your room? But anyway that is really just wrong. She should know better than to do that

  falafalo  |  25

Hate to break it to you MsKati, but you probably have been on such a sofa. It's not that uncommon for people to have sex outside of their bedrooms...

  RedPillSucks  |  30

Nothing like entering a room and having to asses which piece of furniture one can sit on or lean against which hopefully hasn't been tainted by bodily fluids. I can imagine having to enter such a place with those UV lamps that make semen stains visible. Does it also work for vaginal ejecta?

By  iCake  |  13

Eeeeew? But at least she's happy ^_^

  iiAntheA17  |  7

Sure. You could say that. Whatever makes you feel froggy...

  Thanatoslives  |  7

Or a hint to move 'in'. :/

  jojimugo  |  19

Ahhhh the trailer park life

  ellie121  |  4

Anyone else notice a mother cant "rub one out" ?

  Justin0481  |  5

Why can't she? Masturbation for a female isn't just shoving things into the vagina, most of the time it's "rubbing" the clit. So she most certainly can "rub one out"

  ma77  |  9

How come this comment has 106 thumbs up, when it's nearly the exact post as number 1, which has 45 thumbs down? Just an observation.

By  ILoveFluttershy  |  3

I can honestly say I know that feel. Except it was with my friend's little brother. Needless to say I don't go over there anymore....

  RedPillSucks  |  30

@9. Why the hell did you have to suggest that!?
Now everyone's afraid of touching the remote. The TV has been on the Barney channel (subsidiary of Fox News) for days! Of course, we're standing in front of the couch, cause everyone's also afraid to sit on the couch. Strangely, no one has thought to manually change the channel on the TV.

By  typark123  |  7

Damnn if I had a mom like that I would be banging girls at my house everyday :P

  agonydrum  |  7

But because his mom chooses not poke herself in the living room he remains a virgin? I don't get it

By  Arrawyn  |  12

That's what I like to call classy with a capital K

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