By oliverP123 / Friday 22 July 2011 04:11 / United States
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  MissFukMyLuck  |  0

54- you're uh... kinda young... are you sure you want the world wide web knowing your skype? I mean there are creepers out there. I know I would be upset if I went to my computer and 67 yo Chester the molester wanted cyber sex. careful what ya put up. it's not my business :) but you did target yourself as the stereotypical 'stupid' type.

  gmc_blossom  |  21

I hate hypocrites. That girl is too young to be posting about doing things on Skpe. She shouldn't be sharing her body or anything with strangers on the Internet. By the way, anyone want to exchange nudes? My e-mail is [email protected]

By  junkboy  |  4

HAHA win

  AsianCookie247  |  14

165 - Lesbihonest, either gender would feel horrified and traumatized seeing any family members "no-no" parts. In other words, SHUSH, you don't know what you're talking about.

By  junkboy  |  4

HAHA win

  sourgirl101  |  21

( ‘ )( ‘ ) High nipples (o)(o) Perfect breasts (+)(+) Fake silicone breasts (oYo) Wonderbra breasts (^)(^) Cold breasts (Q)(O) Pierced breasts ( - )( - ) Flat against the Shower

By  leemurcat  |  5

Maybe they're broken?

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